PROJECO has probably one of the best HR organizations based in the Gulf and proved during peak periods to be a reliable partner for sourcing and timely mobilizing technical qualified resoures in a very timely manner.

Our clients are amongst the top fortune 500 fortune companies and might be taken as a reliable example of what level of service a customer may expect from us.

Our expertise varies from Technical sourcing to its management, whether the resource is accommodated at the client's premises or in case we provide the operating facility.
PROJECO has acquired considerable experience managing personnel on its client's behalf.

In the last 7 years we have managed technical operators allocated in various industrial facilities, whether refineries or processing plants. Amongst others, our main activities included DCS and Process Operations, Commissioning and Start-Up (including test runs and laboratory setups and trainings), Project Planning (Primavera progress monitoring and cost control for the verification and issuing of invoicing).

Commissioing is probably any project's most delicate phase and we of PROJECO are fully aware of this. It's the time of the truth. It's when any wrongdoing can be fixed, when delays can be reduced. PROJECO has involved, till date, in the Commissioning and Start-Ups of petrochemical plants, refineries, oil wells and offshore facilities.

Our commissioning staff may boast from twenty to up to thirty years of non-stop experiences in projects of various nature and in the most dislocated locations worldwide. Are prepared adapt to climates, customs and work environments.
The only way to service clients with proper logistics, is to have a local presence and a local knowledge of rules, carefully planning ahead and establishing alternative emergency plans, as plans often do change without notice and change of plans can result in costly losses.

This is why we love to be identified as a local company. In each country where we operate we became part of the environment. We develop contacts and penetrate the market with an infrastracture capable of servicing almost any need.
True and reliable third party inspection and expediting activities, are to be considered essential for monitoring both the quality and the standards of manufacturing suppliers. Often delays may be caused by facilities who have contracted too much work, or units who did not estimate properly their workload. Proper expediting and quality will ensure a great dose of protection to plan ahead any difficulty and plan accordingly any alternative.

Proper inspection and expediting can save companies from considerable delivery delays, most times resulting in painful penalties. This is why we take it seriously!

Projeco is a solutions & service provider offering technical and human resources support to the players in energy industry. Professionals having years of hands-on experience managing and dealing with the Technical & Engineering aspect of the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industry make up the team here at Projeco. Offering a niche concept-to-commissioning and operations management services with cross-cutting professional experience built with hard work and toil, Projeco naturally is the best choice for your projects in Energy, Power and Petrochemical Sector.

We provide you with the following benefits:
  • Personnel Management & Logistics
  • Reduced cost savings on Human resources
  • Hassle free deployment of resources without extra paperwork
  • Focus on core functions
  • Flexibility in the time-line of contracts.
Certified ISO 9001:2000
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